May 25, 2022

RPA Supervisor announces partnership with Unite BT

This new partnership will accelerate the intelligent automation journey in the Turkish region with more reliable workforces orchestrated by fully automated operations.

May 25, 2022

 May 25, 2022 - RPA Supervisor and Unite BT have announced a partnership to accelerate the intelligent automation journey in the Turkish region with more reliable work forces orchestrated by fully automated operations.

RPA Supervisor’s first of its kind Intelligent Automation Management Platform is trusted by leading global organizations to solve the operational problems that can often hold back the scalability of their automation programmes. Dynamic, AI driven orchestration, automated error handling, real-time notifications and complete visibility into operations improves resiliency, reduces cost and creates greater business value with less manual intervention and oversight.  

RPA Supervisor is thrilled to expand into the Turkish region together with Unite BT — a well-respected and highly reputable expert in the intelligent automation field offering both a managed service and on premise solutions.

“We’re very excited to partner with Unite BT. The combined synergies of Unite BT’s intelligent automation services with RPA Supervisor’s AI driven orchestration and management solution not only solves many existing challenges within RPA platforms, but also helps them drive, accelerate, and scale profitability,” says Erik Lien, Co-founder & CEO of RPA Supervisor. 

“Unite is the leader in digital workforce services in Turkey, working with RPA since 2014. Adding RPA Supervisor to our intelligent automation services enables us to offer automation as a truly digital service. RPA Supervisor fundamentally changes the financial and operational efficiency of RPA centres of excellence (CoE), reducing costs and achieving unparallel service responses. The backend (CoE) side of RPA is usually not addressed until after customers make a purchase decision and start automating, quickly resulting in unbudgeted costs and service disruptions. RPA Supervisor is the only way to achieve full, seamless alternative digital workforces,” says Malkoc Sualp, CEO of Unite BT.

Unite BT, founded in 1998, is the leader in digital workforce solutions in Turkey. They aim to transform the way their customers conduct business by leveraging the latest digital technologies. Their expertise lies in understanding the importance of technology to business, the requirement for return on technology investments and the need for an accountable business partner whose core focus is integrating business with technology.



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