Business Intelligence

Seeing is believing

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Unreliable data and fragmented reporting make your job harder and can cause key stakeholders to lose trust in your team and confidence in Intelligent Automation.

The RPA Supervisor monitors all aspects of your digital operations. Giving you real-time insight with analytics, reporting and advanced notification capabilities that steer program growth and sustainability.

Complete Transparency
Bot performance
SLA adherence
Regulatory compliance
Advanced analytics detect trends in workload, exceptions, license consumption, SLA adherence and more to provide early warnings before business operations are impacted.
Optimize efficiency
Real-time reporting and customizable dashboards deliver visibility into the entire robotic workforce across the organization.
Build trust
Use concrete data to build future automation business cases and scale operations confidently cross-departmentally.
Unleash potential
"Real-time automated reporting facilitates Business Development Operations, providing us with an early alert system into infrastructure and business challenges and give visibility to backup teams on what’s happened, so they can assess remedial action."
Wayne Poole
IA Manager, Medscheme

Move Faster. Do More.

50+ real-time infographics:
Value creation, resource availability, SLA's adherence, license utilization, exceptions, trend analysis and more.
Highly configurable
All reports can be filtered by process, VDI, SLA and time period to create a dashboard that is relevant for each department, division, and role.
Notification engine
Users can subscribe to notifications about events and trend changes ensuring they never miss important information.
Web interface
Allows information to be efficiently distributed to the whole organization. The configurable dashboards and notifications ensure stakeholders receive the most relevant information.

Are hidden costs limiting your potential?

Managing total cost of ownership (TCO) is critical for IA program success.
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