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Automated RPA operations and optimized utilization

62% increase
in robotic

The increased capacity and responsiveness keep the process owners happy, and my life as a controller 1000% better

Jens Gaustad
RPA operations manager
– BN Bank

How it works

By implementing the RPA Supervisor, our customers have quickly optimized their RPA operations, making sure that the digital workforce always is available, operating at full capacity and prioritizing work, 24/7. With RPA Supervisor, traditional scheduling is a thing of the past. Simply enter the business requirements for your processes and let the RPA Supervisor handle your RPA operations.  

SLA based prioritization, monitoring and event handling, enable the RPA Supervisor to react to changes in workload, exceptions and infrastructure issues automatically. The customizable dashboards and notification center give business and technical users live information about all aspects of their RPA operations.

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