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The RPA Supervisor manages your digital workforce for you. It acts as an automated controller that drastically optimizes your RPA resources with advanced algorithms and event handling capabilities. All presented in a user friendly web interface providing full control of your RPA operations and excellent live operations and business reporting.


Automated controller

The RPA Supervisor provides an intuitive interface for managing and scheduling your RPA processes. Just enter the RPA Processes’ individual SLA requirements and all future “scheduling” is handled by the RPA Supervisor. Changing business requirements are no problem either. Simply update the SLA and the RPA Supervisor will immediately follow the new business requirements.

The RPA Supervisor will also monitor your RPA infrastructure and minimize any issues by warning your controller and also handle typical issues like individual robots being unstable or unavailable or problems with target systems. All this results in a more stable infrastructure, lower personnel costs and improved business satisfaction.


Optimizing resource utilization

Knowing each processes’ individual business requirements the RPA Supervisor will continuously optimize the combinations of available resources and items to be processed. This results in drastically improved processing response times for the business. Our customers are reporting a minimum of 250% improvement in response times after implementing the RPA Supervisor.

With its powerful algorithms you no longer have to wait until after working hours to process lower priority items. The RPA Supervisor will prioritize items continuously and make sure that all items are handled according to priority and resource availability. That means that even if all resources are busy processing, the RPA Supervisor will re-allocate resources to handle higher priority items as soon as they appear.


Live monitoring and reporting

The RPA Supervisor keeps control of all aspects of your RPA operations and provide live reporting and a highly configurable notification centre. The web based interface allows you to grant business users easy access to this information.

In addition to monitoring all available work load, the processing of items and resource utilization, the RPA Supervisor is also able to report on the business value of the processing providing valuable management information on your RPA operation.

The RPA Supervisor is also equipped with a highly configurable capability of providing information and notifications based on operational and business requirements. Such as potential and actual breach of individual SLA’s, higher or lower number of items in a queue for a given period, infrastructure events and exceptions that require manual handling.


RPA Supervisor

The RPA Supervisor is the culmination of 5 years of experience building and running RPA operations in more than 80 organisations. Working closely with our customers we are confident that we have created the worlds most sophisticated RPA orchestration and monitoring tool.


Automated controller

Traditional RPA controller tasks are automated, creating a more stable infrastructure with lower personnel cost and higher business satisfaction.


Optimizing resources

Resource utilization is continuously optimized by intelligent algorithms, reducing the need for RPA resources and drastically improving response times.


Live business reporting

The RPA Supervisor monitors all aspects of your RPA operations and provide live reporting and a highly configurable notification centre.


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