Reduce Cost.
Automate More.

Introducing the First Intelligent Automation Management Platform

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Reduce Cost.
Automate More.

Introducing the First Intelligent Automation Management Platform

Customer results
that speak for themselves

Customer success stories

“With this improved level of reporting, people are starting to understand what's possible. And we’re gaining more trust across the business."

Mark Robinson
IA Development Manager
Newell Brands

“My role as an RPA Controller is 1000x better since we onboarded RPA Supervisor!”

Jens Gaustad
IA Operations Controller
BN Bank

“We wouldn’t have been able to scale as quickly as we have without RPA Supervisor, it’s been a life saver for us!”

Kimberley Meredith
Director, IA

“RPA Supervisor dramatically improves the speed of resolution.”

Wayne Poole
IA Manager

Dynamic scheduling doubles capacity

Operating at 100% efficiency, 100% of the time

Reduced TCO accelerates scale across the business

Reliable bot performance leads to operational excellence

Spend less time scheduling, managing and fixing.
And more time delivering value.

Prioritize and orchestrate all work on business defined SLA's. Optimizing the value of your automations and increasing the capacity of your digital workers.

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Automatically repair 90% of RPA breakage with a highly configurable exception and event handling system. Ensuring your RPA is operating effectively 24/7.

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Monitor all aspects of your business operations. Giving you real-time insight with analytics, reporting and advanced notification capabilities.

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Create business value with Public API's, Human-in-the-loop, RPA adapters and integration with MS Power Automate and low code platforms. Delivering end-to-end value through our partner ecosystem.

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RPA Supervisor integrates with a growing ecosystem of leading software to maximize efficiency and accelerate scale.

How it Works

Managing your bots is easy with the platform.
Learn how
Enter SLAs and the Supervisor will dynamically prioritize processes so you never miss a deadline
The Supervisor works 24/7, so when something routine breaks, you won’t have to lift a finger
You’re automatically notified if human intervention is needed to minimize downtime
You have instant access to  business intelligence so you can dive deep whenever you want
Key stakeholders have access to relevant insights and dashboards so they can track what matters most to them

Are hidden costs impacting your TCO?

Managing operating costs is
critical for scalability.
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Working towards hyperautomation?

Learn how to accelerate your IA journey with the Gartner Strategic Decision Framework.
  • Establish a strategic roadmap
  • Build stronger business cases
  • Distinguish between RPA & IA opportunities
  • Assess vendors on critical criteria
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One platform
to manage it all

Ops and CoE teams love…
  • Major bot capacity unleashed
  • No more soul-crushing scheduling
  • Instant alerts that end monotonous monitoring
  • Fully-configurable dashboards and total transparency
  • Single pane of glass visibility for cross platform integration
The C-suite can’t resist…
  • Meaningful reduction in TCO (Total cost of Ownership)
  • Competitive advantages created
  • Risk mitigation and guaranteed compliance
  • On-demand business intelligence
  • Cross-functional collaboration

Learn how RPA Supervisor can
efficiently optimize your entire robotic workforce —  of 1 or 1,000

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Are hidden costs limiting your potential?

Managing total cost of ownership (TCO) is critical for IA program success.
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