A supervisor for every
digital workforce!

Getting started with RPA Supervisor is easy!
Choose one of our standard products or create your own customized version based on size and mix of features. Then send your order and we will help you from installation through to onboarding of processes.


With RPA Supervisor Enterprise your organization will have unlimited access to the full power of RPA Supervisor for your entire digital workforce.

All features in Reporting, plus:

  • AI driven SLA based orchestration
  • Automated self-healing of failed processes and VDI's
  • Notification center
  • Advanced analytics
  • Human-in-the-loop
  • SSO, API's, connector and integration library
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RPA Supervisor Flex allows you to buy only the features you want and for the quantity of digital workers and processes you want to be RPA Supervised. The start-up package is only £95 per month

Choose from the following features: 

  • AI driven SLA based orchestration
  • Automated self-healing of failed processes and VDI's
  • Advanced analytics and notification center
  • Human-in-the-loop
  • API's and a connector library to multiple platforms including MS Power Automate
  • Single-Sign-On
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Reporting (Free)

RPA Supervisor Reporting provides live and customizable dashboards. Giving full insight into the operations and deliveries of your digital workforce.

Reporting features:

  • Unlimited users
  • Powerful customizable dashboards
  • 40+ real time infographics covering all aspects of operations and deliveries with fine grained filtering options
  • Monitoring of all digital workers
  • Web interface
  • RPA Supervisor e-learning
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RPA Supervisor Enterprise

HyperAutomation orchestrator

RPA Supervisor Enterprise is for organizations with a strategic approach to their intelligent automation. Organizations that run, or have ambitions to run, critical business processes, large digital workforces, connecting human and digital workers and provide best of class service to the business, RPA Supervisor Enterprise is the right option. This is also why analysts have dubbed RPA Supervisor the HyperAutomation Orchestrator.

  • ROI guaranteed - No cure, no pay!
  • 50% increased utilization
  • 75% reduction in operational FTE cost
  • No more scheduling - SLA's are governed by AI orchestration
  • Supports central and federated operating models
  • One single window into all your intelligent automations
Rpa Supervisor Enterprise
RPA Supervisor Flex
RPA Supervisor Flex

Pay as you go

With RPA Supervisor Flex organizations can pick and choose among RPA Supervisor features to match their current requirements and level of maturity. We are very confident in our solution and know that seeing is believing. We therefore recommend customers to start with Flex and add features or upgrade to Enterprise as and when you have seen the benefits and results with your own eyes.

  • Starting price only £95 per month
  • Only pay for the features you want
  • Only pay for the processes and VDI's supervised
  • Easy installation
  • In application upgrades
  • Pay per month or annually
RPA Supervisor Reporting

Our free version

RPA Supervisor Reporting provides real-time monitoring and reporting of your digital workforce. Add the SLA's of your processes and RPA Supervisor will report on how your schedules deliver on your promises to the business. You will of course also see the status of work, exceptions and VDI's as well. With the web based interface you are free to share all of this information with the rest of your organization. Providing a better service and saving time on reporting at the same time. Upgrading is only a few clicks away if you want to try out more of the functionality with of Flex option.

  • SLA reporting - Delivery according to targets
  • License utilization - Real-time and historical
  • Session outcomes
  • Resource availability and status
  • Error reporting - Unique and per process
  • Business outcomes - Real-time and historical overview
RPA Supervisor Reporting

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