Optimize your digital workforce

RPA Supervisor increases utilization, stability and performance of your digital workforce. This reduces cost and increases value creation and customer satisfaction, driving increased ROI and efficient scaling.

Just like a humans, robots needs to be managed to be efficient.

However, unlike humans, robots can be trained for an unlimited number of tasks and they actually thrive on being monitored and micro-managed. We like to call it - RPA Supervision.

The RPA Supervisor comes with four main capabilities:





RPA Supervisor will efficiate your work
Let robots monitor your workforce with RPA Supervisor
Business oriented Orchestration

No more scheduling!

No more trying to find available resources and time slots to add new processes into already complex schedules. Or trying to retro fit schedules after incidents or sudden peaks in workload.

Simply give your RPA Supervisor the business requirements for each of your process and the advanced prioritization engine will manage and optimize the orchestration for you.

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Digital Workforce Management

Uninterrupted robotic services!

With robots taking on more and more business critical work, organizations are forced to manually monitor and fix operational issues to make sure that business critical work is done.

In combination with the monitoring and orchestration, RPA Supervisors management capabilities provides a highly responsive, and stable digital workforce 24/7 without any human intervention.

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Uninterrupted robotic services
RPA Solution dashboard
Real-time monitoring

You can't manage what you can't measure!

That is why RPA Supervisor monitors all aspects of your RPA operations:

  • Health, status and capabilities of all your digital workers
  • Status and work rate for all processes
  • Workload for each process
  • SLA adherence of each process and worker
  • All exceptions and events

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Dynamic Interaction

Speed up your Hyper­Automation journey!

Connecting human and digital workers with AI and core systems is an important part of digital transformation. However, it is the dynamic SLA based capabilities of that interaction that truly drive Hyper­Automation and the growth of the data driven organization.

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Speed up your HyperAutomation journey

All you need

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Processes will be dynamically prioritized, based on actual workload

With more than 40 widgets to choose from

Handles automatically infrastructure issues

Handles automatically execution issues such as terminations

Available both as cloud and on-premise installation

Existing automated processes can be onboarded as-is

No need to change existing processes

Advanced notification functionality

Easy to use interface

Prioritize work based on real business requirements

VeraCode scanned and approved

Live and user-customizable dashboards

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