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We're the leading automation management platform on the market. We help enterprises around the world solve their scaling challenges – and drive true hyperautomation.

Problem solvers

We solve real problems for real people

With experience from implementing and operating hundreds of RPA Centres of Excellence (CoEs), our primary goal is help customers achieve a stable, responsive, and efficient digital workforce. As a result, RPA Supervisor’s award-winning solution has helped CoEs worldwide  successfully build the case for scaling their digital workforce.

We are, of course, proud to deliver the best RPA management solution on the market. However, we are not done. We are problem-solvers at heart and continually add new features to our management solutions, following each customer venture. This stabilizes existing RPA while making sure our customers get the best business value possible from their digital workforce.

RPA Solutions are problem solvers

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We are seeing huge interest in RPA Supervisor from around the globe and are scaling up the team.


What our team says

"RPA Supervisor has an open and honest culture – and we’ve all got the same goals and focus. Working as one to achieve great things"

Wesley Dunn

"Work-hard, playful and unpretentious culture with the customer’s needs in focus"

Eric Paasche

"Customers come first. We do anything we can to solve client’s problems. This shows in our NPS scores and the comments we always receive from clients. That’s why they continually recommend us to other clients"

Homan Haghighi

"We have an amazing open culture from the CEO to every member of the staff, we are a team and an open team we all can advise and we all can add value"

Graham Lee

"I really enjoy the interaction with people internally and externally - and creating something that currently doesn’t exist"

Mike Laurenson

"I enjoy my role because of the freedom we’re given to perform our work how and when we want. As Head of Support, I have great influence to affect the way we work as an organization, as well as managing a large part of our business. The culture retains the flexibility of a startup while acknowledging that we’re growing into an organization, adding the structure we need to perform without overdoing it"

Andreas Hove

The RPA Supervisor

The Management Team

Erik Lien
Erik Lien


Anders Frostad
Anders Frostad

Chief Product Officer

Homan Haghighi
Homan Haghighi

VP Sales

Kourtney Barnes
Kourtney Barnes

Head of Marketing

Michael Laurenson
Michael Laurenson

Board member

Reece Howe
Reece Howe


Tobias Gundhus
Tobias Gundhus

Chief Technology Officer

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We are problem solvers

We help customers and partners around the world solve their scaling challenges and drive true HyperAutomation. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and are looking for more problem solvers to join our team.

Work with RPA Supervisor
Work with us - Teamwork at RPA Supervisor
Team work

Independent team workers

Solving problems requires team work. At RPA Supervisor we not only work as a team internally, but, we also regard our partners and customers as part of our team. Together we find the best solutions for our product and for each individual implementation as our loyal customer  base has testified to by giving us a Net Promotor Score of 72.

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