July 27, 2022

Category pioneer, RPA Supervisor, raises $20M Series A, helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation

RPA Supervisor, creator of the first Intelligent Automation Management (“IA”) Platform and pioneer of the category, announced today that it has raised $20M in a Series A round led by Dawn Capital, with participation from s16vc and existing investors, MMC Ventures.

July 27, 2022

Intelligent automation, with RPA at its heart, is currently utilized by global enterprises who seek to streamline operations by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks to improve productivity and accuracy, allowing employees to focus on more strategic work. When economic uncertainty looms, such benefits become increasingly attractive as organizations are expected todo more with less. But RPA has been criticized for falling short on its promises, primarily due to the under-estimated costs of managing and maintaining a robotic workforce.

RPA Supervisor adds advanced monitoring and orchestration capabilities to an enterprise's automation tools, bringing operational resilience to these mission-critical technologies and enabling companies to adopt automation with higher confidence and speed. It is also proven to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by increasing license utilization by at least 50%and reducing manual effort and remediation by 85% across platforms such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Power Automate.

The platform has been deemed a “game-changer” and a “must have” by a growing number of brands including Sysco Foods, VMO2, Medscheme, E.ON and Newell Brands.

“Enterprises come to us to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency, but they quickly realize that’s merely scratching the surface of the value and competitive advantage created when you align desired business outcomes with fully integrated automation operations. With this latest investment we can focus on evolving the platform to deliver results beyond RPA that are felt broadly across the business.” said Erik Lien, RPA Supervisor CEO and Co-Founder.

This latest investment – coming just nine months after their initial Seed round - will fuel RPA Supervisor’s expansion in the US market and accelerate its mission to propel the role of intelligent automation in achieving successful digital transformation – including the development of new platform capabilities that will elevate Microsoft Power Automate Desktop to an enterprise-grade automation solution with more sophisticated orchestration and queuing functionality built into the platform whilst providing a single interface to monitor, manage and control digital workers, employees and IA technologies across the enterprise.

RPA Supervisor has experienced explosive growth and best-in-class net revenue retention since the company’s inception in 2018. This momentum speaks to the significant market demand to reduce TCO and simplify the day-to-day management of enterprise automation programs as they grow in complexity and criticality.  

"For too long, companies have had to make do with rigid RPA solutions that achieve great things for simple tasks but break down across complex, interdependent processes.” said Henry Mason, Partner at Dawn Capital. “RPA Supervisor transforms this with its unique orchestration platform enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly across systems and departments. We're thrilled to be working with Erik and his amazing team to deliver on the promise of automation at scale."

Mina Samaan, Partner at MMC Ventures commented, “We’re excited to be backing Erik and this impressive team again alongside Dawn and s16vc.We continue to believe in their vision to deliver on the promise of automation in the enterprise software stack, starting with RPA and moving into AI-driven processes across the business. The ROI for clients to increase efficiency and cost savings is clear, but the real magic is in the scaling potential RPA Supervisor unlocks for the enterprise.”

Aleks Shamis, s16vc Co-founder added “With so many RPA solutions on the market already and many more to come due to a virtually infinite diversity of companies and processes, there needs to be a solution to orchestrate them all. We are the fund that bets on founders. Erik's experience in the space and vision of the future of RPA is what got us excited. We believe that Erik and his team can grow RPA Supervisor to be the control center that enables companies to govern and optimize their entire automation toolkit."



About RPA Supervisor

RPA Supervisor was founded in 2018 to reduce the operational inefficiencies that limit RPA. The platform is proven to increase utilization by at least 50% and reduce manual effort by over 85% to streamline the operation of all major RPA/IA software robots, creating greater business value and accelerating scale, with fewer dedicated resources.  Our clients report spending less time on maintenance issues, easier on-boarding of processes, improved insights, higher utilization, and faster response times. HFS Research recently named RPA Supervisor a 2021Hot Vendor for our commitment to helping enterprises scale automation through a ‘single pane of glass’.  www.rpasupervisor.com

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