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Below you will find answers we get from organizations that are interested in RPA Supervisor.
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What are the benefits of using the RPA Supervisor?

  • At least 50% increased utilization on existing digital workforce
  • Minimum 75% reduction in manual RPA operations effort
  • Responsiveness of the digital workforce increases by 80% or more
  • Handling operational issues means the stability of services will drastically improve
  • Easy and fast cloud based or on-premise installation
  • Onboarding all your automated processes in days
  • No amendments to existing processes required

Can we try the RPASupervisor before buying it?

Yes, you can!  We offer access to your own sandbox environment with full access rights where you can get hands-on experience with it. Contact us for a quick introduction and we'll send you logins and user manuals for your very own sandbox environment.

We also provide PoC licenses if you prefer to try it within your own infrastructure and on your own automated processes. PoC can be based on installing RPA Supervisor on-premise or we can host it in the cloud for you. Contact us for a quick introduction and instructions for the installation.

How much does RPA Supervisor cost?

Our price model is based on the number of RPA licenses it controls.
There are no limitations to the number of users, processes or items worked.

Do you offer monthly purchase agreements?

Yes, we do! We offer both monthly and annual purchase agreements and billing options.
Monthly agreements are automatically renewed unless cancelled by the customer.

Does RPAS require amendments to our RPA processes?

No. One main advantage of RPA Supervisor is that you do not need to make amendments to your existing automated processes. It can even run side by side with existing schedules in RPA . RPA Supervisor provides a smooth transition from schedules to Workflows (RPA Supervisors way of grouping business processes).

Which RPA platforms are supported?

RPA Supervisor supports all major RPA platforms including Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere & MS Power Automate

What are the system requirements for RPA Supervisor?

How long does the installation take?

The installation of RPA Supervisor itself takes from a few minutes to a few hours depending on whether it is a hosted solution or installed on-premise or in your own cloud. The infrastructure preparations and IIS server installation vary from organization to organization.

How is implementation and onboarding performed

Implementation and onboarding is easy. There are a few general settings to apply. After that, it is all about onboarding the individual automated processes. Each process only takes a few minutes.  

We recommend that you read our user-manuals and best practices first and then create a few standard options for response times, resource groups and working hours.

What does SLA driven prioritization mean?

This means that RPA Supervisor dynamically prioritizes 24/7 based on the desired Service Level for each business process, the actual workload and the availability of resources. The main elements of the SLA are:

  • Trigger: RPA Supervisor lets you choose between 5 highly configurable triggers
  • Working hours: When the work can be performed. Shift plans take account of maintenance windows and business rules to make sure the robots only works when it should.
  • Response time: RPA Supervisor will try to complete all work as quickly as possible. Setting response time targets for each process allows the RPA Supervisor to prioritize between all incoming work and optimizing response times and license utilization.
  • Resources: Define which resource-PCs are allowed to run each process.

How does RPAS handle resource-PCs that are not working?

RPA Supervisor monitors all machines and has the ability to reboot any machines that is not performing as expected. RPA Supervisor is also able to log-in and out machines in order to run processes as different users. This is very useful in environments where many departments or different parts of an organization share the bot services. See more info in our detailed info here.

How many customers do RPA Supervisor have today?

We have 50+customers world-wide, with environments ranging from 2 to 400 Blue Prism licenses in production.

What does “verified by Veracode mean”?

This means that The RPA Supervisor software is certified by Veracode, which in turns means that security is maintained in a good way throughout the code

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