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We pride ourselves on making sure all our customers achieve the improvements, savings and benefits that the RPA Supervisor promises to deliver. As part of this approach, we help our customers measure and document the benefits they get from their RPA Supervisor implementation.

62% increase
in robotic

The increased capacity and responsiveness keep the process owners happy, and my life as a controller 1000% better

Jens Gaustad
RPA Operations Manager
– BN Bank

Creating value from day one

Sparebank1 Samspar

Samspar is responsible for delivering RPA operations to 10 of the regional banks in the Sparebank 1 group. Each bank has its unique set of business and process requirements resulting in 300+ Blue Prism processes to be scheduled and monitored.

Business Problem
A major challenge for the CoE is to translate the varying business requirements and workload for each bank and process into a static schedule. This has proven to be very time-consuming for the controllers and resulted in inefficient use of the license capacity as well as slower response-times than necessary, for most of the automated processes.


RPA Supervisor solution
Implementing the RPA Supervisor, Samspar went from a static schedule-based orchestration of the digital workforce to an SLA-driven orchestration.

Samspar implemented RPA Supervisor in as little as two-weeks. Making sure that that the business requirements of each process was properly understood, and that the resulting SLA was implemented in the RPA Supervisor.


After after one week in production, FTE costs for the CoE were reduced by 68% and operational instabilities related to the digital workers were all but eliminated. During summer, with 3 weeks of development freeze, not a single action was performed by RPA controllers. The extra capacity provided by the RPA Supervisor was used to improve responsiveness and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

On-demand RPA licence capacity

Sparebanken Sør

Sparebanken Sør operates in a highly competitive banking market in Norway and are actively seeking competitive advantage by offering digital solutions. RPA was in many ways the start of the digital journey, but as they are now turning their focus to other areas of digitization, they have outsourced their RPA operations to RPA specialists Avo Consulting.

Business Problem
With many business-critical processes automated, Sparebanken Sør found themselves having to put too much time into monitoring and handling interruptions to their RPA operations. The scale of their RPA operations was not big enough to have humans look after the robots 24/7, causing interruption to customer services. Furthermore, they experienced large variations in work that was problematic to handle.

RPA Supervisor solution
Sparebanken Sør teamed up with RPA Specialists company Avo Consulting who had RPA Supervisor as an integrated part of their managed service offering. This allowed Sparebanken Sør to get a complete managed service on their on-premise RPA implementation which was one of their requirements. The configurable dashboard and the ability to subscribe to notifications for any event, meant that Sparebanken Sør and Avo Consulting could leave the monitoring and handling of issues to the RPA Supervisor.

The RPA Supervisor also enabled the Managed Service Providers to get RPA licenses on-demand. The ability to purchase extra license capacity by the minute, means Sparebanken Sør can handle any spike in workload at the push of a button. Making sure that their business-critical processes always service internal and external customers in time.

62% increase in robotic capacity

BN bank AS

BN Bank is a leading internet bank in Norway. Its success depends on a very strong customer focus combined with a high degree of automation. It started its RPA journey with Blue Prism 5 years ago and has more than 100 automated process in production.

Business Problem
To comply with its strong customer focus, the automated processes require that each incoming work-item is handled quickly. Traditional RPA scheduling did not support this, and the bank needed to decide between increasing the number of digital workers and manual controllers or accept lower customer satisfaction. Or so they thought.

RPA Supervisor solution
The RPA Supervisor offered a third option: To increase customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing the number of digital workers and time spent on manually managing these.


BN Bank installed the RPA Supervisor and on-boarded the 100+ BP processes in less than a week. The results were immediate: The first discovery was that within the first week, the the RPA license capacity increased by more than 50%. Average response-times for work handled by the digital workforce was improved  by 84%, helping BN Bank to maintain the customer satisfaction level so vital to their success. After only a few weeks, manual controller effort was reduced by 77%.

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