October 5, 2022

RPA Supervisor announces partnership with Evolvant

Evolvant and RPA Supervisor have announced a partnership to accelerate the intelligent automation journey in the Middle East with more reliable work forces orchestrated by fully automated operations.

October 5, 2022

 Evolvant and RPA Supervisor have announced a partnership to accelerate the intelligent automation journey in the Middle East with more reliable work forces orchestrated by fully automated operations.


RPA Supervisor’s first of its kind Intelligent Automation Management Platform is trusted by leading global organizations to solve the operational problems that can often limit the potential of their automation programs. Dynamic, AI driven orchestration, automated error handling, real-time notifications and total visibility into the automation estate improves resiliency, reduces cost, and creates greater business value with less manual intervention and oversight.  


RPA Supervisor is thrilled to further expand into the Middle East together with Evolvant — a well-respected and highly reputable expert in the intelligent automation field offering a mixture of results-driven professional and managed services across RPA, Conversational AI, Intelligent Document Processing, Workflow Orchestration and more. Evolvant’s consulting-led approach to intelligent automation seeks to ensure business value and ROI at every step of the transformation journey.


“We’re very excited to partner with Evolvant. Their core values of designing for growth, delivering value, and offering seamless integration align perfectly with our vision for customer-centric operational excellence. Together, we will help customers overcome the many challenges that exist within IA operations while also helping them to drive, accelerate, and scale profitability,” says Mike Laurenson, vice president of partnerships and alliances at RPA Supervisor.


“Our partnership with RPA Supervisor is of huge importance to us and of huge potential value to our customers. Being able to leverage the RPA Supervisor platform to provide an increased level of control and optimization potential is an offering perfectly aligned with our mission to maximise the benefits of intelligent automation for our customers. We’re looking forward to further enhancing the success of our existing and future projects together.” Eddie Woodall – CEO & Co-Founder, Evolvant


Evolvant are Intelligent Automation specialists with over a century of combined consulting & implementation experience. They offer a complete range of automation services from business analysis to development, support and training, and work with best-in-class tools for RPA, Cloud Infrastructure, Intelligent Document Processing, Conversational AI &Service Orchestration. Evolvant are an internationally experienced team based in the United Arab Emirates with a global reach, offering a tailored agile approach to programme delivery that ensures quality and speed to implementation, every time.


RPA Supervisor was founded in 2018 to reduce the operational inefficiencies that limit RPA, as well as the full potential of Intelligent Automation. The industry’s first Intelligent Automation Management Platform reduces cost, so you can automate more. The platform increases capacity and streamlines the operation of all major RPA/IA software robots to create greater business value and accelerate scale, with fewer resources.  


RPA Supervisor clients report:

· At least 50% increase in capacity  

· 75% reduction in manual tasks  

· 500% improvement in work processing time 

· 16% average TCO reduction 

· Total visibility of their entire RPA estate - building trust and breaking silos 

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