November 1, 2021

Digital Workforce speaks: "We got time back to do real value-added tasks"

RPA Solutions Consultant at Digital Workforce, Karina Tomaine, & CEO at RPA Supervisor, Erik Lien, interviewed at UiPath’s Forward IV event last month. In the interview, Karina describes how RPA Supervisor’s functionality enhanced her role by reducing the time spent on lower-value tasks and freeing up more time to do creative and value-added tasks at Digital Workforce. *WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW*

November 1, 2021

Karina: “I've actually been involved in several roles of RPA controller – and the RPA Supervisor tools have helped me to get the robot out of me. This allowed me to dedicate my time and creativity to tasks that really provide added value to the organisation I’m working for. It’s just been an incredible tool that allows you to focus on things you know will add value!”

Erik: “We deliver operational excellence ‘out-of-the-box’ - which allows our customers to scale faster and to really drive that digital transformation journey they’re on.”

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