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RPA Supervisor is the leading RPA operations management solution on the market. Providing superior orchestration and prioritization, monitoring and issue-handling with live and customizable dashboards and notifications capabilities.

No more scheduling

Simply add the SLA of each RPA process and let the RPA Supervisor handle the scheduling.

Business driven prioritisation

Based on SLA's, the RPA Supervisor dynamically prioritizes actual workload and resource availability, 24/7.

Robots working 24/7

Process and infrastructure problems are handled automatically to make sure the robots are working 24/7.

Live dashboards and notifications

Live and customizable dashboards with  notifications mean everyone gets the information they need, when they need it.

No more scheduling!

Onboarding a process in RPA Supervisor, only takes a few minutes. Just enter required response time, allowed working hours, user and resource group. Each process can also be triggered by items in a queue, time-based alternatives, changes to files or folders, manually or by API.

  • Entering SLA’s per process, takes minutes
  • Easy to use interface
  • 5 trigger-options for processes
  • Prioritize work based on real business requirements
  • Advanced configuration options available
  • Supports all process designs

Prioritization and optimization

SLA-based prioritization means you simply enter the business requirements and your processes will be dynamically prioritized, based on actual workload. If higher-prioritized work comes in, the RPA Supervisor moves resources from lower-priority processes to this work, making sure it gets priority.

  • Monitors all incoming work and all available resources.
  • Has complete overview of all process SLA’s.
  • Prioritizes work around the clock to provide the optimal SLA adherence and license optimization.

Solving issues in operation

RPA operations are vulnerable to a series of operational issues. The RPA Supervisor handles a wide range of operational issues such as:

  • Monitors RPA infrastructure and work execution.
  • Handles automatically infrastructure issues such as unavailable resources, locked screen and logged-out users.
  • Handles automatically execution issues such as terminations, incomplete sessions and frozen sessions - and restarts processes.

Live dashboard for easy monitoring and notification

Digital workers and their performance are monitored 24/7. This information is made available in live and customizable dashboards. With more than 40 widgets to choose from, users get personalized information about all aspects of your RPA operations such as:

  • Live and user-customizable dashboards provide complete control of all aspects of your RPA operations
  • Value reporting gives live information of the value created by the automation initiative
  • Advanced notification functionality allows CoE and business-users to subscribe to notifications of any event affecting operations

Easy and flexible implementation

The RPA Supervisor is easy and flexible to install. You can choose between cloud or on-site implementation. No need to change existing processes! The user-friedly interface lets you onboard these in minutes. Application security is verified by VeraCode.

  • Available both as cloud and on-premise installation
  • Supports Blue Prism in cloud, on-premise and hybrid form
  • Existing automated processes can be onboarded as-is. No amendments are required
  • User-friendly interface lets you onboard new processes in minutes
  • VeraCode scanned and approved

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