Intelligent Automation drives value-based care for health providers


Doctors and clinicians didn’t study for years on end to do paperwork. Unfortunately, too large of a portion of their day is spent performing administrative tasks—which limits the amount of available time to concentrate on patients. It can also cause appointment delays and negative patient perceptions. 

So, it’s no wonder that Healthcare professionals have adopted Intelligent Automation tools to minimize manual work, improve quality of services and reduce costs.  These are a couple of the most common and impactful use cases: 

Improving the patient journey – extracting, communicating, and integrating patient data for on-time access 

Automating clinical admin work – robots can transfer information between applications to make data more accessible

Processing payments – data can be extracted and aggregated to ensure it’s in the correct format for claim submissions

Assisting in prescription processing – performing necessary checks and automating refills for better patient experiences

But there’s still a major challenge in IA operations that is limiting potential… 

RPA requires too much manual intervention

Robots are great. But they also demand a lot of human attention in the form of constant monitoring and routine fixing and rebooting.  This is both frustrating and wasteful since so much time is spent on tedious tasks rather than value adding development.  

But there’s a better way to manage robotic operations...
COEs that use an IA Management Platform, like RPA Supervisor, report 75-95% reduction in manual effort. A large US-based Center of Excellence is composed of 60 workers—of which, only 4 are responsible for monitoring and maintenance of their more than 350 processes. This enables their team to do what they do best – automate processes that create value and improve the employee and end-user experience.

With the right tools in place the COE can take back control and act as the value-driving function it is—rather than operate as order takers and repairmen. 

We’re here to help you do just that. 

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