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We understand that you have automated business critical processes with RPA and that continuous service is vital to your organizations. It is therefore vital to us that you are confident in the capabilities of the RPA Supervisor before you put your trust in it operating these.

To ensure this we want to build up your confidence level with the minimum effort possible from you. In addition to seeing the results and hearing the testimonies from existing users we recommend the following three steps get hands on experience and complete confidence in the RPA Supervisor to handle your automated processes:

The first step is to go to our RPA Supervisor sandbox environment and see the solution in a real working environment. This environment is set up with 20 processes, licenses and digital workers simulating a real life RPA production environment. To access this and familiarize yourself with the RPA Supervisor please go to try.rpasupervisor.com

The next step is to get access to your own personal sandbox environment with full access rights. Here you will get hands on experience with the RPA Supervisor and also access the Blue Prism environment it manages. Just book a meeting with us athere and we will give you a quick introduction and send you logins and user manuals for your very own sandbox environment.

If you are still not convinced we are happy for you to install the RPA Supervisor and see it within your own infrastructure and on your own automated processes at no cost. We are happy for you to do a PoC or pilot based on installing RPA Supervisor on-premise or we can host it in the cloud for you. Simply book a meeting with us and we will get you started in no time

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