September 15, 2021

Partnership with Wonderbotz: One-stop intelligent automation and hyperautomation services for better business outcomes

We're proud to partner with award-winning intelligent automation and hyperautomation service provider, Wonderbotz, to accelerate hyperautomation for our clients worldwide.

September 15, 2021

Digital workforces have one thing that manual workforces do not – a nonstop work ethic. They can repeat the same tasks on end without having to take breaks. But, if not leveraged correctly, your digital workforce may implode.

RPA Supervisor developed its signature solution to help organizations scale their digital workforce across the business rapidly, with control. And that's why we're excited to join hands with a partner that shares our vision: Wonderbotz are an award-winning, straight-talking, one-stop intelligent automation and hyperautomation service provider that fast-tracks better business outcomes for clients.

Wonderbotz are certified delivery and service providers for multiple RPA vendors including BluePrism, UiPath and Microsoft. The combination of our strengths delivers serious advantages to clients: improved service levels through intelligent orchestration, stability of digital workforce via automation management capabilities, in-depth insight, monitoring and control, and several different HiL interaction capabilities to ensure clients can adopt hyperautomation with confidence.

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