Sparebanken Sør

24/7 operations at a 100% efficiency

Sparebanken Sør operates in a highly competitive banking market in Norway and are actively seeking competitive advantage by offering digital solutions. RPA was in many ways the start of the digital journey, but as they are now turning their focus to other areas of digitization, they have outsourced their RPA operations to RPA specialists Avo Consulting.

Sparebanken Sør is an independent regional bank in Norway. Offering the full range of banking services puts them in competition with national and international banks. This requires high level of automation and focus on customer satisfaction.

Business problem

With many business-critical processes automated, Sparebanken Sør found themselves having to put too much time into monitoring and handling interruptions to their RPA operations. Although lower volumes than their larger competitors, the bank has the same number of processes. This makes orchestration even harder and operations more vulnerable to incidents. The scale of their RPA operations was not big enough to have humans look after the robots 24/7, causing interruption to customer services.

RPA Supervisor solution

Sparebanken Sør found the solution in RPA Supervisor. We are now orchestrating more than 20 process per digital worker without any scheduling. RPA Supervisor handles all prioritization and orchestration based on our customers requirements or SLA's. We can even change these SLA's on on the fly, should business requirements change without affecting operations or our processes. Monitoring and operations is also reduced by 90% as RPA Supervisor handles all of that automatically. This has allowed us to run our operations at a 100% efficiency 24/7 at no extra cost. The flexible orchestration and event handling has not only solved our human resource challenge, it also increased our robot utilization with more than 50%. These were important savings for us. An unexpected benefit of all this was that we could focus more on building new automations rather than managing our existing estate. As a result we are now scaling our automations at a much higher rate.

“100% efficient operations 24/7 has been a game changer for us”
Petter Skare Falkum
Project Manager Robotics
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