BN bank AS

77% Reduction in manual oversight & intervention

BN Bank is a leading internet bank in Norway. Its success depends on a very strong customer focus combined with a high degree of automation. It started its RPA journey with Blue Prism 5 years ago and has more than 100 automated process in production.

BN Bank is a Norwegian internet-based bank which since 2008 has been owned by the SpareBank 1 banks. BN Bank is headquartered in Trondheim and has a branch for commercial real estate in Oslo. In total, there are just over 100 employees who serve customers all over the country via online banking and telephone.

Business problem

To comply with its strong customer focus, the automated processes require that each incoming work-item is handled quickly. Traditional RPA scheduling did not support this, and the bank needed to decide between increasing the number of digital workers and manual controllers or accept lower customer satisfaction. Or so they thought.

RPA Supervisor solution

The RPA Supervisor offered a third option: To increase customer satisfaction while at the same time reducing the number of digital workers and time spent on manually managing these. BN Bank installed the RPA Supervisor and on-boarded the 100+ BP processes in less than a week. The results were immediate: The first discovery was that within the first week, the RPA license capacity increased by more than 50%. Average response-times for work handled by the digital workforce were improved by 84%, helping BN Bank to maintain the customer satisfaction level so vital to their success. After only a few weeks, manual controller effort was reduced by 77%.

The increased capacity and responsiveness keep the process owners happy, and my life as a controller 1000% better.
Jens Gaustad
RPA operations manager

RPA supervisor provided with these benefits and features:

VeraCode scanned and approved

Live and user-customizable dashboards

Prioritize work based on real business requirements

Easy to use interface

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